It’s September!

So September 2012 has dawned upon us already and all the children are heading back to school but what does the forecast for the month look like?

Today (Saturday 1st September)

Remaining wet and windy across the far northwest. Otherwise, once any light rain has eventually cleared southeast England it should be a largely fine day with plenty of warm sunshine.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday

Light rain spreading southeastwards on Sunday. Largely fine and warm Monday, but rain returning to northwestern parts. Further light rain spreading southeast Tuesday. Breezy, with some strong winds in north.

UK Outlook for Wednesday 5 Sep 2012 to Friday 14 Sep 2012:

Most parts of the UK will start off fine and dry with some sunny spells, although there is likely to be the chance of a few showers towards the northwest. However, into the end of the working week conditions across northern areas are likely to become increasingly unsettled, with showers or longer spells of rain, but southern parts should hold on to the mainly fine and warm conditions. Into the following week it looks likely to remain unsettled across the north and particularly the northwest of the UK, with southeastern areas likely to see some drier and brighter weather. Temperatures are likely to be near normal across most parts of the country, with a chance of warm conditions continuing across southern and especially southeastern areas.

UK Outlook for Saturday 15 Sep 2012 to Saturday 29 Sep 2012:

Indications are that this period will be characterised by some fairly typical weather for the time of year, with low pressure systems steered mainly towards the north and west of the UK. These are likely to bring the heaviest and most persistent rain to northwestern parts of the UK, where it could also be windy a times. Southern and eastern areas seeing the best of any drier and brighter conditions. Temperatures are likely to be close to average, with some warm days possible across southeastern parts, but also some cool spells towards the north and west in wind and rain.

Information supplied by the Met Office


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