Forecast For Wednesday 26 September

After the hectic madness of Tuesday and its wind, rain, floods and travel chaos it looks like its calming down tomorrow. But we will still be online all day to post updates. Don’t forget to check out School Closure page as well!

Tonight (Tuesday 25 September)

Heavy rain and strong winds across the region for a time this evening but the rain will gradually clear away westwards leaving just a few showery outbreaks for the second half of the night, the winds easing down as well. Minimum Temperature 8 °C.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 26 September)

Largely dry at first, although with some mist and low cloud around. Cloudy at times through the day with occasional showers and some bright or sunny spells. Chilly northeasterly breezes. Maximum Temperature 14 °C.

Pollen Forecast: Moderate

UV Forecast: 2 (Low)


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