Yellow Weather Warning Issued For Snow

Issued: Today (Friday 26 October)

Valid from: 17:00 Friday 26 October

Valid to: 09:00 Saturday 27 October

A band of heavy wintry showers with gusty winds will spread southwards later on Friday and overnight into the early hours of Saturday. While showers are more likely to fall as rain, sleet or hail near coasts of England, inland areas, together with Scotland are likely to see some snow showers for a time. A few centimetres of snow may accumulate this evening across northern and parts of eastern Scotland, particularly over hills, with a risk of similar amounts across the North Yorkshire Moors through the middle part of Friday night. Elsewhere, snow amounts should be small, and mostly restricted to grassy surfaces but ice will present an additional hazard on untreated surfaces.

A cold northerly outbreak will bring the risk of wintry showers to most northern and eastern parts of the British Isles through the rest of Friday and overnight into Saturday. Even southeast England could see a little sleet or snow at the end of the night but the warning area picks out those areas most likely to be affected by temporary snow accumulations and localised icy conditions to follow.

The public is advised to take extra care, further information and advice can be found here.


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