Halloween Forecast!

So the spooky day has crept up on us, Halloween is upon us! Our Halloween design went live last night and it looks awesome! So, are we going to get a trick or a treat weather-wise tomorrow? 

This Evening and Tonight (Tuesday 30th):

A cloudy and rather windy night with rain becoming persistent over the hills in the north and west, some heavy there by morning, although lighter and more sporadic further east. Minimum Temperature 6 °C.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 31st):

Staying cloudy with outbreaks of rain and strong, blustery winds, some gales over the hills. Rain will be heavy at times, especially over hills, more intermittent further east. Maximum Temperature 10 °C.

Wind: 14mph southwards

Chance Of Precipitation: 80%

Maximum Humidity: 87%

UV Index: 1 (Low)

Pollen Count: Moderate

Sunrise: 07:11 Sunset: 16:29

Make sure you look out for the November Outlook tomorrow and the All Saints Day forecast!


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