Met Office: Wintry Weather Continues

Through the rest of Monday, Met Office forecasters are expecting another band of snow to affect the east of the UK with an Amber warning in force from Yorkshire down into East Anglia, giving a further 5 to 10 cm of snow in places. Some snow will follow to south-eastern parts of England this evening and overnight and there could even be 2 to 4 cm of snow over parts of Greater London by Tuesday morning.

Showers of rain and sleet are expected across remaining parts of the UK but with temperatures dropping below freezing overnight the main risk of disruption will be due to icy stretches.

Tuesday should be much drier for the bulk of the country but further snow showers are expected to affect eastern coasts giving a further few centimetres in places. It will stay very cold and frosty too.

Weather warnings for ice and snow have been issued for many parts of the UK over the weekend and people should be aware that there could be some disruption to travel.

Eddy Carroll, Met Office Chief Forecaster, said: “We expect snow to affect many eastern parts of the UK over the next day or so leading to some disruption. With some very low temperatures over the next few nights we also expect ice in many places and people should be prepared for travel problems.”

Snow map 14th Jan

Steve Crosthwaite, Head of the  Highways Agency’s National Traffic Operations Centre, said: “Following advice from the Met Office, we are using salt to treat the road network and have ploughs and snow blowers on standby if necessary. Our traffic officers are working around the clock to monitor our road network, deal with any incidents and keep traffic moving.

“During severe winter weather we ask drivers to check road conditions and the weather forecast before setting out. If conditions are poor, and journeys are not essential, we advise drivers to think about delaying until conditions improve and allowing our winter fleet the chance to treat the roads.”

Throughout the winter, the Met Office works with the  Department of Health and  NHS to help keep people well at times of severe weather. Our specially produced health forecasts, such as Healthy Outlook for COPD patients, give professionals and patients the opportunity to take action to help keep them well during cold weather. You can find out more information on our Cold Weather and Health, and Get ready for winter web pages.

The latest forecasts and warnings can be found on the Met Office website, on our mobile apps, and through TV and radio broadcasts on the BBC and ITV.


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