Met Office: Cold Weather to Affect the UK

High pressure has become established to the north-east of the UK and this is dragging in colder air from Scandinavia. It will take some time for the cold air to filter across the whole of the UK but by Friday, much of the UK will struggle to see daytime temperatures above around 3 °C. Brisk winds across England and Wales will make it feel much colder. It will remain cloudy too and we could see snow showers across eastern parts of the country in particular.

Will Lang, Met Office Chief Forecaster, said: “This is a different taste of winter to the snow and ice we have seen recently. These largely dry, settled and cold conditions may not be as disruptive to travel but they do present concerns surrounding the health and well being of the elderly and vulnerable.”

The Met Office has issued a level 3 Cold Weather Alert which gives advanced warning of adverse weather conditions, enabling you to take extra precautions to keep safe and well.

A  Department of Health spokesperson said: “Severe cold weather can be dangerous, especially for the very young or very old or those with chronic disease. You can find advice on how to reduce your risk or that of somebody you know on the NHS Choices website, ringing NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or contacting your local GP or pharmacist.

“The NHS is well prepared for the winter and we are providing an extra £330 million to the NHS and social care services to help cope with the added pressure that the winter brings.”

Cold weather looks like remaining across the UK until the end of February at least, and you can find the latest information from our forecasts and warnings, our  mobile apps and through broadcasts on TV and radio.



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