Hot July Weather Continues

The fine, dry and hot spell of weather is set to continue through the weekend, with the high temperatures lasting well into next week.

High pressure will continue to dominate over Saturday and Sunday, bringing dry, sunny and very warm weather for many. The highest temperatures are most likely to be across northern and western parts of the UK where we could see 27/28 °C in places.

Elsewhere, we are expecting there to be a little more cloud around than recently, especially around eastern areas. This will mean temperatures will be a little lower than those seen this week, however we will still see temperatures in the low to mid-twenties.

Paul Gundersen, Chief Forecaster at the Met Office said: “As we head into the weekend the emphasis on the highest temperatures shifts to the western side of the UK where we will see temperatures into the high twenties. Further east, with more cloud around, temperatures will be slightly lower than we have seen during the week with highs of 25 °C.”

Into next week, the heat is expected to build again more widely. By Monday temperatures could once again be into the low 30s with some very warm night time temperatures developing.

As the heat and humidity builds, the risk of thunderstorms increases – initially across southern and western Britain, but perhaps more widely later in the week.

News release from the Met Office

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