Christmas Day Forecast

The big day is just about upon us where all the good boys and girls around the world will be ripping open presents left by Santa Claus, but first, we take a look at the weather forecast for the big day tomorrow!

This Evening and Tonight (Wednesday 24th):

Turning cloudier overnight with showers spreading southwards, and some snow over hills. Skies will tend to clear again later in the night. A frost will form with risk of icy patches developing on untreated surfaces. Winds will ease later. Minimum Temperature 0C.

Christmas Day (Thursday 25th):

It will be essentially dry with good sunny periods through much of the day, but feeling cold. An isolated shower is possible near coasts. A widespread frost will reform overnight. Maximum Temperature 5C.

Wind: 20mph Westerly

Chance of Precipitation: 5%

Visibility: Excellent

Humidity: 76%

Sunrise: 08:34 Sunset: 15:39


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