Met Office Yellow Weather Warning Issued – Wind & Snow

Issued at: 11:24 on Wednesday 24 December 2014

Valid from: 15:00 on Friday 26 December 2014

Valid to: 15:00 on Saturday 27 December 2014

Wet weather is expected to spread into and across most of Scotland, England and Wales during Friday afternoon and evening. Over Scotland and northern England snow is expected in areas above 200 or 300 metres, especially in Scotland where in excess of 10 cm of snow is likely. Over northern England snow is likely to be confined to areas above 200 metres and may turn to rain in areas between 200 and 400 metres. Over Scotland, however, there is a risk that snow may affect lower lying areas through the Central Belt.

Wind is expected to increase through Friday evening and night, exacerbating any disruption. The public should be aware of the potential for disruption, especially where increasing winds are combined with heavy snowfall.

Please watch for updates to this warning over the coming days, especially those who have travel plans.

Chief Forecaster’s Assessment

A deepening depression is expected to affect the UK on Friday Saturday. There remains greater than average uncertainty regarding the track of this depression, but the most likely scenario is for this depression to track eastwards across the UK rather than just north of Britain. The exact track of this depression is critical to snow risk, especially for the Central Belt of Scotland with snow here more likely should the centre of this depression track across the southern Uplands or northern England.

The main hazard associated with this depression is expected to initially be snow, especially over ground above 200 metres in Scotland and northern England. Wind then increasingly becomes a hazard during Friday night and Saturday as this depression deepens, the strongest winds then expected on the northeastern, and more especially, the southwestern flank of the depression. This would leave coastal areas in North Wales, northern England and eastern Scotland likely to experience the windiest conditions.


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