About Us


Northumberland County Weather Updates started as a Facebook Page back on 25 November 2010 when that terrible winter of non-stop snow hit Northumberland! Now, just six years later we have over 11,000 ‘Likes’!

Who runs / operates the page?

The Facebook Page is operated by two volunteers all from Northumberland! We have no affiliation with Northumberland County Council, Met Office, BBC Weather or any other services, we’re an independent service! But now we have a website, so who’ll run that? Well both of us will!

Why was Northumberland County Weather Updates started?

Northumberland County Weather updates was started to assist and update the habitants and tourists of Northumberland about the terrible snowfall in the winter of 2010! We received so much praise that we decided to keep the service going, recruiting more administrators we were able to tackle more!

What happens if there’s no admins online?

Because this is a voluntary-run website admins may not be online 24/7, if this occurs and there’s something happened, then go to our Useful Links page to see a list of links to take you to pages you may need to assist you

If I need to contact an admin, can I?

Yes, indeed you can. You have two options, you can email us here or you can go to our Contact Us page and message us easily from there and we’ll email you back within 24 hours.